Babysoul's Avoidance of Aegyo Is Backed by Netizens

There are severe cases where some Lovelyz fanboys force the members to do aegyo
Especially to the member whose personality doesn’t have any cute side, Babysoul, they (fanboys) force her more and while she doesn’t do hearts, they give her the nickname “Heart cheapskate”
Babysoul knows about it, she feels burdened, and she gets stressed from being forced to do aegyo
(Soul is awesome. Today’s game is aegyo battle. A fan asked, “Why are you asking us to do aegyo?” so Soul said, “Why? You ask us to do aegyo every day.”)
While a fansign was on-going a few days ago, Babysoul forced fanboys to have an aegyo battle. The fanboy asked, “Why are you asking us to do aegyo? Isn’t it too much?” and Babysoul, irritated, said, “Too much? Why? While you always ask us to do aegyo?”
(While (I was) waiting on the stairs, fans entered while talking
Lovelinus1) You see in the kids’ eyes that they don’t like doing aegyo, right?
Lovelinus2) Why? They did it well when (I) asked them to
Lovelinus1) No, it’s visible that they don’t like it. She (Soul) would’ve refused at the fansign yesterday
Lovelinus2) When I asked her, she didn’t refuse
But, as expected, the fanboys are out of their minds, saying that she did it (aegyo) well when asked to, and that she didn’t argue when he asked her to do aegyo..ㅋ

(MC: If you were a princess in a fairytale, is there any princess that you wish to be? You said this a lot when you were younger, right? “I want to be Cinderella!” Which princess would the 8 members of Lovelyz wish to be?
MC: What about our Soul?
BabSol: I don’t really want to be a princess.)
This MC asks them which princess they wish to be and she says that she doesn’t really want to be a princess and it’s refreshing
Fanboys, please don’t force female idols to do aegyo even though they don’t like it;

1. Soul… is just an unnie… So cool
2. Please don’t force her to do something that she doesn’t like. I don’t know what you think an idol is
3. Sigh….(It’s) an emotional labor ㅠㅠ She hates it, why make her do it? ㅜ
4. Lee Soojung is so coolㅠㅠ
5. Even at the concert, it ripped my heart that she said she was hurt/offended (by fans) ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
6. Why are they forcing herㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
7. That’s refreshing. I love it ㅠㅠ
8. Ah, I can relate ㅋㅋ I’m really dumbfounded at forcing them to do aegyo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Especially female idols, sigh. There was a female idol who refused to do aegyo on Radio Star a long time ago and she got bashed. I a~bsolutely did not understand why she got bashed. I’m just glad that I now have the feeling of knowing what the problem is
9. Seriously, they suddenly ask female idols on the spot on broadcast to do aegyo too… I really hate that
10. Even at a place like a fansign, male idols are not even asked to do it. Whether it’s a male or female idol, I hope you won’t make them do what you yourself don’t want to do
11. Lee Soojung is cute even without doing aegyo, but why do they keep asking her to do it.. Please ask the others~~~~~Please don’t force her
12. Seriously, while being a fan of Lovelyz, there are many times where I got so angry at the fanboys… They always ask Lovelyz to do aegyo and not only that, they call Mijoo “hyung” and Jiae the “general leader”?  I really hope they won’t force (the girls) to do aegyo and stuff like that
13. If you want to see aegyo that much, look in the mirror and do it yourself
14. Female idols aren’t 1-2 year old babies. Few of them are middle school students and most of them are all adults. What’s with aegyo, really… Please don’t force them to do it
15. This is the link to the video. BabSol saying that is so coolㅠㅠ

Source: geulyz