[INTERVIEW] Baby Soul’s Birthday, “I can spend a free birthday”

[Birthday Talk To You] Lovelyz’s Baby Soul “I want to receive a birthday wish from Lee Hyori-sunbae+hidden camera” The leader and the oldest member of Lovelyz (Baby Soul·Yoo Jiae·Seo Jisoo·Lee Mijoo·Kei·JIN·Ryu Sujeong·Jeong Yein), Baby Soul (Lee Soojung), who debuted in the music scene with a showcase on November 12, 2014, celebrated her birthday on the […]

[INTERVIEW / INSTIZ] Lovelyz’s Secrets to Losing Weight

Lovelyz has accomplished the lifelong assignment of girl group: weight control. Girl group Lovelyz, who announced a comeback last March, attracted the attention of the public when all the members came back with slimmer figures. With diet management and steady exercise, the ‘big weight loss’ is a success. Members Baby Soul and Yoo Jiae revealed […]

[INTERVIEW] Relay Talk

[Relay Talk] Lovelyz, there’s a different me inside…’23 Identities’? Group Lovelyz are searching for a different character inside of themselves. Lovelyz (Baby Soul, Yoo Jiae, JIN, Lee Mijoo, Seo Jisoo, Kei, Ryu Sujeong, Jeong Yein), who recently participated in TVDaily’s ‘Relay Talk’, cheerfully and frankly replied to the question: “If there exists a different you […]

[INTERVIEW] KukiNews ‘A Short Meeting’

[A short meeting] Lovelyz, “We have confidence in what we do” Group Lovelyz, who continuously showed their own music together with the producing team led by Yoonsang, 1Piece, has come back after 10 months with their second album ‘R U Ready?’. The title song ‘WoW!’ is an impressive song with unique lyrics about falling in […]