Netizens Are Upset by This University’s Post About Lovelyz

Furthermore, we choose Lovelyz (because) girl groups Red Velvet and Twice, their price is very expensive and we thought it was unnecessary to use all the budget to invite them. We prefer to spend more on the festival. We don’t have enough time to fulfill the demands of the students, and the celebrities that matched […]

Lovelyz – Fallin’ lyrics (HAN/ROM/ENG)

(Artwork by @Soulkeeper_0706) HANGEUL [수정]I’m fallin’ in your eyesListen [예인]왠지 모를 따뜻함가득히 전해져 와 [지애]목소리까지도 표정까지도아이같은 눈빛도 말야 [베이비소울]천천히 slow닮아져버린걸까? [지수]혼자라면 lonely이제는 멀어진 lonely [미주]달콤한 이 dreamin’널 바라볼래 온종일 [케이]서로의 눈에 담긴 채로 fallin’하루의 모든 순간에 I’m fallin’ [진]손 끝에 닿으면내 이름 불러줄래?예쁘게 너를 그릴수있게 [수정]색이 다 바래 빛을 잃어도I’m fallin’ [예인]네가 마지막이길기도가 이뤄지길 [지수]작은 상처까지도 […]

Lovelyz Announces a Comeback in the Second Half of the Year

[OSEN, via Naver Entertainment] “New song + Comeback announcement”..Lovelyz, ‘Alwayz’ even in the summer [+399 | -56] You guys are really working hard.. ‘Now, We’ was a good song. I hope you can come out with a song like Ah-Choo and this (Now, We) [+236 | -30] I love Lovelyz so much [+222 | -27] Thank […]

Lovelyz (+ Lovelinus) Had Fun with Cosplays at Today’s Fansign

Baby Soul – Joker Yoo Jiae – Harley Quinn Seo Jisoo – Doctor Strange Lee Mijoo – Black Widow Kei – Catwoman JIN – Sylvia Weis Ryu Sujeong – Jack Sparrow Jeong Yein – Maleficent Lovelinus – No-Face (Kaonashi) [Instiz] Lovelyz who properly show up in cosplays 1. The fans are Kaonashiㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. Mijoo and […]

[INTERVIEW / INSTIZ] Lovelyz’s Secrets to Losing Weight

Lovelyz has accomplished the lifelong assignment of girl group: weight control. Girl group Lovelyz, who announced a comeback last March, attracted the attention of the public when all the members came back with slimmer figures. With diet management and steady exercise, the ‘big weight loss’ is a success. Members Baby Soul and Yoo Jiae revealed […]

#LOVELYZ1STWIN!!!!!!!!! Articles Dump

SBS MTV ‘The Show’ live broadcast was held at the SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, at the afternoon of May 16th. ‘Lovelyz’ members were awarded their 1st win today. The members couldn’t conceal their flood of tears as they thanked their fans. [Dispatch, via Naver Entertainment] [On-the-spot photo] “A flood of tears”…Lovelyz, a […]