Lovelyz Announces a Comeback in the Second Half of the Year

[OSEN, via Naver Entertainment] “New song + Comeback announcement”..Lovelyz, ‘Alwayz’ even in the summer [+399 | -56] You guys are really working hard.. ‘Now, We’ was a good song. I hope you can come out with a song like Ah-Choo and this (Now, We) [+236 | -30] I love Lovelyz so much [+222 | -27] Thank […]

Netizens React To: Lovelyz’s “Right Now, Us” Prologue Film

[Sports Donga, via Naver Entertainment] Lovelyz, prologue film release…May 2nd comeback confirmed [+222 | -14] Lee Jungyeop what are you.. [+193 | -20] From the prologue film, I’m really looking forward to it. Lovelyz, fighting!!! I love you❤❤❤❤ [+192 | -19] What I want is for them to be healthy and happy… Let’s be healthy and […]

Lovelyz Breaks Their Own Record Within the First 5 Days

Group Lovelyz has break their own record with their new album ‘R U Ready?’. A rep from Woollim Entertainment revealed to 10Asia on the 3rd, “Lovelyz’s ‘R U Ready?’ has exceeded 33,000 shipments today.” ‘R U Ready’ was available to be purchased on February 27th while the offline purchase started on the 28th. With this, […]

Lovelyz Becomes the New ‘K LEAGUE CLASSIC’ Ambassador

[Newsen, via Naver Sports] Lovelyz, ‘K LEAGUE ambassador’ [+73 | -1] Lovelyz jjang~!~~!~ [+70 | -1] There’s no Yein…She needs to recover quickly [+66 | -0] Lovelyz and K LEAGUE, let’s be successful!! Yein, get well soon!! [+56 | -2] It’s Hwang Sunhong oh yeah oh yeah Lovelyz is also good good [+48 | -0] […]