For Lovelinus’ birthday support project for Kei!


Kei’s birthday is just around the corner and we at For Lovelinus would like to get some gifts for her from behalf of all international Lovelinus! This time we are launching the birthday project through Fanmaum, in which we’ll be collecting donations and hearts to help fund this project. We will also be sending special rewards to donors who have reached particular donation thresholds (Please note that an additional EMS fee is required to be paid at a later date to receive these special rewards, see the EMS fee list table provided).


For donating 8USD or 8840 hearts, you will be eligible to receive 5 transparent photocards.
For donating over 8USD or over 8840 hearts, you will be eligible to receive 5 transparent photo cards and 3 polaroid photocards.
Any amount is appreciated, so please show your support for our birthday project for Kei this year!


Donations can be directly sent via our Fanmaum project page, through to our Paypal at or through the following country managers:

The donation period ends March 12th. For any questions or further information, please feel free to contact us or any of the country managers!


To check out what we got in our past birthday support for Kei, please see here. To see our previous birthday supports for the other members, please check out the Projects tab!