[INTERVIEW] CéCi May 2018 Issue

Now we, Lovelyz
When Lovelyz talks about the many moments they spend together, our thoughts

▲ What do Lovelyz do when they’re resting?
Jiae: I go out with Soul-unnie a lot these days and we go to board game rooms (a cafe where people can come and play board games), and we also like drinking cocktails and we’re enjoying it.
Jisoo: I tend to have a lot of thoughts, but (when) I play with slime, I don’t think of anything else, so I like that. I’ve become addicted.
Sujeong: I play with slime all day long as well. Ah, I’m looking for pretty jackets these days. I wouldn’t be able to wear them for a long time as it’ll get warmer soon, but I like that it’s pretty when I wear it.
JIN: I go to café with my friends or I often spend time with my older sister.
Yein: I meet a lot of people too when I’m resting. I like meeting with people to eat good food.
Kei: I mostly sleep. I like hanging out too, but I’m busy these days, so I’ve become a homebody. I have to sleep to produce endorphin.
▲ What do Lovelyz do before releasing new album?
Yein: “I have to lose weight… but I couldn’t lose it all…” I think about this the most.
Kei: Rather than tension, my excitement is bigger. The more I prepare, the more love I give and the more trust I have for the album. Therefore, the thought of wanting to quickly let (fans) listen to it (the album) becomes bigger.
JIN: I think about how to make it so that I can promote more enjoyably with the unnies.
Soul: For this album, we worked a lot with new people. They fit with our color, but it will be completely different from (our color) until now. Look forward to it.
▲ What do Lovelyz do when they change?
Sujeong: We changed quite a lot even in our own “Lovelyz” color. Compared to that, there tends to be many changes with the members. Nevertheless, when we see the things that we’ve made, we feel proud (because) it seems like we did quite many colors. As much as we’re afraid, it’s proof that we’ve tried, right?
▲ What do Lovelyz think when they look in the mirror?
JIN: When I’m barefaced? Or when I have my makeup on? I think it depends on the situation. (Laughs)
Yein: Everybody says that it’s immoderate when I say this thing, but only my flaw looks strangely maximized. I also specifically say that. This is strange here. It gets worse every time I look at it. I get stressed (because of it), so I’m trying to think good thoughts. If I care about myself, I become prettier, no?
▲ What do Lovelyz do when they’re together?
Jiae: I think a lot about how cute the members are these days. Honestly, they’re not like babies, but their actions are cute. I often say, “So cute.”
Jisoo: Personally, I think I become more frank. I become more honest to each other (with members), to myself as well, (and) I like that. While filming our recent music video, I felt that, “(They) have become much prettier.” Ah, but they’ve always been pretty.
Members: We upgraded? (Laugh)
Jisoo: No… It’s not that, (but) their image that exudes feminine vibe naturally looks pretty over time.
▲ (Lovelyz) has grown a lot, when do they feel like the stage has become familiar?
Jiae: When we debuted, the thought of, “I have to do this,” was strong. But these days, the thoughts of, “I have to enjoyably play with the fans,” (or) “I have to appear good in the camera,” are strong. Now I know what to do to make our team look better, and to create a cooler stage. I think I can focus on that while doing it.
Mijoo: I feel that we’ve become seniors when we enter the broadcasting station (building) and many people greet us. It’s amazing.
Kei: These days, I feel proud when I find people who dream of becoming a singer after watching me and I feel like my dreams have come true.
▲ What do Lovelyz do when they think of the old times?
Sujeong: (That’s) during seasonal change. Every season reminds me of the same season in the past. I started my trainee life in the spring, and whenever I see flowers blooming these days, I’m reminded of that time a lot.
Yein: Whenever we’re preparing to comeback, I’m reminded of when we were preparing our debut.
Jiae: I think of things like that when I go to a particular place. For example, when I go to the place where I definitely promised to visit again when I’ve debuted, there are many times when thoughts or situations of that time come up.
▲ What do Lovelyz when they have a lot of thoughts?
Jisoo: I tend to feel terribly lonely or empty. I have hard times (like that). Whenever that happens, I take a walk while listening to music alone or I go meet someone new. I think I do that so my heart would feel lighter.
Kei: The moment one thinks about a lot of things, I think it’s in connection to the person rather than the situation. Whenever that happens, I think of what to do to be better, if I’m doing good now. When that happens, I practice. I focus once again, and I found (my) greed and will, so I think I have a plan on what to do from now on.
Jiae: I seriously really hate being bored. Then I (will) talk a lot. But I can’t talk alone, so I mostly talk to Yein who uses the same room as me. When Yeinnie comes back to the dorm, I hold on to her for 2 hours and talk to her. Then Yeinnie just listens. Soul-unnie also likes to listen, so she tends to do that a lot. When I was little, I liked to wander around by myself, but over time, being alone is so lonely.
Mijoo: I don’t come out of my room when I have a lot of thoughts. I tend to like being alone. I watch <Crayon Shin-chan> in my room. I’ve watched it all, so there’s nothing (more) to watch. These days, I’m going through the revised (version), and I’m going to see it all too (eventually). When I have a lot of thoughts, I settle my emotions while watching cartoons or listening to music by myself.
JIN: It’s embarrassing for me too, but I tend to enjoy emptiness. It’s not like it disappears if I do something.
▲ When the time comes for them to meet Lovelyz from 10 years (into the future)?
Jisoo: I think I would say, “You’ve gotten so old. Are you living well? You’re not having a hard time?”
Mijoo: I think I would kind of get chills. Doing this interview now, if we met at that time and talk, this (interview) would’ve become a memory, right? This is also our own memory. I think I would want to talk to her/me a lot.
Soul: I think at that time, we would probably become much closer like friends. I think it’ll just be funny somehow.
Kei: There would probably be a married member, no? By then, each of us would have achieved (everything) they wanted to do, so I think everyone would rise to be in certain places. So I think there will be more to talk about. The very first thing that crosses (my mind) is… “Are you eating well?” because eating is the most important thing.
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