Lovelyz Give Their Final Farewell to Jonghyun with a Black Ribbon

Thank you.

Rest in peace.

1. Thank you, our Lovedungies, for giving a final send-off to your senior and for remembering himㅠ
2. Ah, I watched the stage but why didn’t I see the ribbon,,
3. It still hasn’t sunken in yet. What do I do
4. You did so well
5. Thank you for remembering Jonghyunnie together
6. Lovedungies, good job. Jonghyun-nim too, thank you
7. I saw Lovelyz with my own eyes but why didn’t I see itㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠTheir hearts are so prettyㅠㅠMakes me wonder what kind of senior he was in the entertainment industry..
8. Once again, it makes me feel that he was such a good person. Lovelyz’s mourning hearts deep inside are beautiful
9. It seems that he was such a good person (for Lovelyz to do this). I hope you’re at peace, Jonghyun-nim ..
10. They always showed a good stage, but they showed a better stage. Lovelyz, thank you very much

Source: geulyz