For Lovelinus is and always has been about the Lovelinus community no matter where our members hail from. We are always willing to accept anyone into our community as long as they share the love that we possess for Lovelyz. Communities are the cornerstone of each of our individual lives and we have realized we’re all in this world together – we share it. Our Earth is one gigantic community, so why not try to make a change, even a small one, to better our planet and the people that inhabit it? With that premise, we are happy to announce our newest project: “우리 지구” (Our Earth)

 From now until November, we will be planting trees in 8 different areas across the world in the name of each Lovelyz member and Lovelinus! Each month will feature a different region of the world where we will donate trees to areas that so desperately need trees planted (or re-planted).


For every $1 that is donated 1 tree will be planted! If you would like to join us, please send your donations to us through PayPal at the following email:

For more information on which member we’re donating in the name of or what region we’re donating to, please view the image below.

We will create a new page monthly for each member/region that explains why we’re donating to that region and how it will help! In addition, we will update you on how many trees we will plant in the name of Lovelyz! We hope you will join us so we can work together to do something positive in the name of Lovelyz and Lovelinus!