Lovelyz performs at the Pyeongchang Olympics Torch Relay congratulatory show!

  To celebrate the passing of the Pyeongchan Olympic Torch Relay through the Yanggu county, Lovelyz performed as part of the congratulatory show at Yanggu’s Sports Training Center on January 23rd. The girls braved it out in the cold weather to perform some of their songs such as ‘Ah-Choo’, ‘Hi~’, ‘First Snow’, and their latest […]

Tiny Big-Ddu

EXO Chanyeol, Red Velvet Wendy BTS V, SNSD Tiffany Winner Song Mino, Red Velvet Irene And what I think is legendary BTS Jin, Lovelyz Babysoul The point is Jin who turns his head when he hears her voice but looks down when she doesn’t see him, and BabSol who has to turn her head to […]

For Lovelinus’ concert support project for ‘Lovelyz in Winterland 2’!

  To support the girls in their upcoming concert, ‘Lovelyz in Winterland 2’, we are holding a rice wreath project! We are currently collecting donations to help fund this project, so any amount will be deeply appreciated! Donations can be directly sent through to our Paypal at or through the following country managers: Singapore […]