For Lovelinus was created with the intent of supporting international Lovelinus and Lovelyz themselves. While initially we started as a forum community, we have rapidly grown and branched out into other endeavors such as subbing/translating (via geulyz) or doing birthday projects in the name of International Lovelinus for the Lovelyz members. We will continually work hard to bring fresh and new content to our community to help bring people together and support Lovelyz through birthday projects and events!

Here you will find various methods in which you can support us whether it’s Paypal or Patreon. All donations we receive are for projects for the members of Lovelyz on their birthdays. If you would like to support us, you are more than welcome to donate to us but please do not feel obligated to! Thank you for your continued support and we are so very grateful for everything!

For one time donations, our PayPal email is and Donations of any amount through any of the email will be accepted. If possible, please send your donations as Family & Friends if you have the option to!

If you’re interested in supporting us over a period of time and are interested in receiving rewards for doing so, please refer to our Patreon. Patreon is a site where our supporters can pledge a small monetary donation to us every month to help with our projects. Rewards will be announced and dispersed every 4 months with new rewards changing every cycle.

If you are interested in supporting Lovelyz by sending them your own gifts, please refer to our Contact page and we would be happy to help.