The launch of For Lovelinus Patreon and new Discord roles!


To begin the month, we are now launching our Patreon page! Initially beginning as a forum where we hoped to gather international Lovelinus from all over the world into a supporting and friendly community, we now aim to bring forward content and the latest updates to continue the support for Lovelyz. Contributions via our Patreon will be put towards various support projects for the girls and management for our website. To celebrate the launch, we are currently holding a special event in which members who pledge to our Patreon within the month of February will be eligible to receive their respect rewards in December 2018!



For more information about Patreon or the For Lovelinus Patreon in particular, please see the FAQ listed on our page.



In addition to the Patreon launch, we have reorganised and introduced new roles now available in our Discord server! The previous ‘Lovelinus’ role has been reset to allow for our Discord members to freely choose which role they prefer to feature, and members who previously held the former version of the ‘Super Lovelinus’ role will be given the ‘Elite Lovelinus’ role for a three-month grace period as a sign of gratitude for supporting the For Lovelinus forums. We hope with the new Discord roles, we strive to make our members feel more inclusive of our international Lovelinus community. If you aren’t a member of our Discord yet, come along and join in on the fun!